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We do realize that long-term business can only be made with high-quality products, economical prices, quick delivery and speedy service. Hence, the building of mutual trust and confidence by exporting products with value constantly stay at the top of our company policy.

As a distinguished tile exporter in India, Acecon Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. endows their customers with a comprehensive range of tiles best for use in interior decor of walls and floors in residential & commercial spaces. We are a leading manufacturer of tiles in India dealing with advanced technology. We have been exporting the tiles for years now and delight in the beauty of our exquisite range of tiles that we supply to our customers spanning the globe.


Why Choose Us

Quality Control

We assure you to deliver the best quality tiles in a short span of time. Simply contact us with your detailed requirement.

Advanced Technology

All products endure a strict quality control procedure that includes both mechanized and human inspection.

Research & Development

Innovation and development is not creating something new, but redefining the existing things in a modern way.

Export Network

Currently exports to over 10 major countries serving 15 clients with an export turnover of US$ 4.2 million.

Packing Details

Double Charged Vitrified

Size No.of Tiles (Per Box) Weight (Per Box) Sq.Mtr./Sq.Ft (Per Box) Thickness (mm)
1000 X 1000 mm 2 - 21.53 -


Size No.of Tiles (Per Box) Weight (Per Box) Sq.Mtr./Sq.Ft (Per Box) Thickness (mm)
400 X 800 mm - - - -
800 X 800 mm 3 42.00 Kgs 1.92 Sq.Mtr -
800 X 1200 mm 2 45.00 Kgs 1.92 Sq.Mtr -
600 x 1200 mm - - - -

Digital Parking Tiles

Size No.of Tiles (Per Box) Weight (Per Box) Sq.Mtr./Sq.Ft (Per Box) Thickness (mm)
600 X 600 mm 3 44 (Approx) Kg. 1.92 / 20.67 10


We believe in developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with a client.

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